Rutland Mental Health Daniel Quinn

Ruthland Mental Health Daniel QuinnLeading an organization that deals with resolving mental health issues of various individuals will never be an easy task. Being the president and chief executive officer of Rutland Mental Health Services, Daniel Quinn does everything he can to improve the services they have offered in the area of Rutland. He leads the organization in a direction that promotes growth and increase the quality of customer service. The goal always lies on meeting each and every need of the community that they are serving.

Daniel Quinn took over the Rutland Mental Health Services in the year 2008. He has been the organization’s first full-time director. As a non-profit organization, Rutland Mental Health is just after providing the mental health needs of individuals in Vermont. This means that the resources or expenditure of the organization will not come from any individual. To assure that the organization can still provide sufficient service to the residents of Rutland Country and all Vermonters, Daniel Quin had worked with the state legislature, Governor’s administration and with the Rutland Country Legislative Delegation. Considering the increased prevalence of drug addiction or substance abuse, Rutland Mental Health Daniel Quinn thus provides a statewide leadership. It was done for improving the different systems of services such as the mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disability services.

As an organization that deals in mental health, it will be a must to produce an environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable. Each should also possess a high morale to prove they are worthy and reliable in treating patients who undergo substance abuse. It is an important case, mental health is a crucial factor to be given an utmost concern. This is why Daniel Quinn makes sure that each client will feel safe in the environment they are in.

Mental breakdown or the effects of abusing substances can occur any minute within the day. This is why Rutland mental Health Daniel Quinn manages to provide service within emergency situations. Immediate assistance is given to anyone who encounters any situation that involves mental health or substance abuse. There is also a service provided for Children Crisis.

As the president of Rutland Mental health services, Daniel Quinn has faced numerous problems, which is unavoidable in the said organization. The occurrence of disasters in the area and sometimes the funding issues has greatly affect his organization. He has to resolve the problem caused by the occurrence of the typhoons that flooded and cause great damage to their hospital partners.

Since the organization is non-profit, they have to ask financial assistance from the government. The organization’s funding, even if we say that it is quite large, will never be enough to cater the damage caused by the disaster happened. This is why government’s help is needed. And since the facilities are needed to serve the patients, Daniel Quinn had made a way to resolve the problem.

Through the support of the state, Daniel Quinn has resolve finance problems and made it possible to pay the staffing of the facilities. Budget cut even rise within the RMHS but then, through the help of local lawmakers, everything has been settled down.

Rutland Mental Health Daniel Quinn will never made it if he is not that capable and reliable in handling his position as the organization’s president and CEO. Even before he becomes the president of the said organization, he has already proven his leadership skills in handling various position in different organization.

Problems will never be out of the way, but the great thing with Daniel Quinn is his ability to handle each in an appropriate manner. Rutland Mental Health Daniel Quinn has served the area of Rutland for numerous years, and helped numerous individuals who have suffered from various mental health concerns.