Life and Achievements of Thomas Carnevale

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Thomas Carnevale is one of the most popular names in the industry of video surveillance nowadays. He is also considered as one of the most successful executive leaders in the security industry. The reason why he is very popular is because his experience in the industry has lead a huge success for his company. As of now, he is the CEO and President of Sentry360 Security which is a very reputable company that specializes on the most advanced systems of software management and high resolution cameras of security surveillance.

For many years, Thomas Carnevale has been within the telecommunication field. Because of this, he was able to enhance his new skills and acquire better insights that he used in order to establish his first business company called JCS Digital Security. His company’s main focus is to use the best technologies and quality for security surveillance. They provided service for commercial and governmental user’s advantage in protecting their assets and properties. As mentioned above, Thomas Carnevale is now the CEO and president of Sentry360 in which he is leading the company into a continuous success.
Because of his expertise, knowledge and dedication in the industry of security, he had received many valuable recognitions from several publications and organization. As a matter of fact, Sentry360 has acquired the Security Products New Product of the Year Award due to their outstanding product achievements and developments. Their products are considered as noteworthy because they have the true ability to increase or enhance the security.

Thomas CarnevaleLast 2012 in an International Security Conference at ISC West, Thomas Carnevale delivered a speech in order to help the audience to understand the best way to fit an ideal technology into their security of CCTV systems. In 2013, Thomas Carnevale also delivered a speech at ISC East which highlights the ultra-resolution security surveillance in order to deliver a precision detail even at great distances. Most notably, he became the speaker at IP User Group and NYC Battery Park Post 911, which is a municipal meeting about security. His speech included the topic of intelligent video applications IP video convergence and video storage compression.

Additionally, Thomas Carnevale is currently an active consultant at Gerson Lehman Group wherein he taught many different big-time investment leaders across the world about the latest trends in the technology of video surveillance security. During this same time, he was also named as a scholar-level solution consultant. In other words, he is the most demanded consultant over 70% of 400,000 agency’s pool consultant.

Thomas Carnevale as the president and CEO of Sentry360 were able to develop many projects that can enhance the entire experience of customers in different industries. He is very professional in terms of engineering and security system design, evaluating of infrastructure, product development, sales managements, IP video convergence, corporate identity and developing road map products and professional physical security in the industry.