Neil Dhillon in the Field of Politics

Neil DhillonIn his thirty years in the field of politics, Neil Dhillon was able to see it all. He worked at various private and public sectors in many different positions. His first work was with the late United States Congressman, Bob Matsui as his Chief of Staff, and he has become a Senior Aide of the former President Bill Clinton. He knew already the whole pattern in the world of politics, the ins and outs of public policy, and the regulatory and legislative strategy. He is currently using his political knowledge and expertise for the most powerful politicians in the US with NA consulting agency that is based on Washington, DC.

Neil Dhillon can use his large range of experience in the national politics in predicting the outcome of the election in the past year correctly. He successfully predicted the rating of approval of President Obama, which slipped to a new low in the earlier year, and he predicted that the opposition party of the President sscould score easy points with the voters. According to Dhillon, these activities or events together with his 30 years of experience in the political scene will lead to most of the Republican Party in Senate and strengthen most in the House of Representatives.

Neil DhillonDhillon has more obviously predicted the outcome. In November last year, the Republicans have really retake the Senate wherein they do not accomplished 9 years ago. He also predicted the districts that redraw leading to the victory of the Republicans. Moreover, the GOP has been strengthened its grip on the House of Representatives. As a public government agent, Neil Dhillon spent his last seven years as a lobbyist and a governmental affairs specialist with the Hill and Knowlton International Public Relations. He is now working in a new company, “NA Consulting”. This private sector has so many client, which includes the foreign government such as Botswana and countless Fortune 500 companies.

He has taken this professional career by means of completing his degree in Political Science in The American University, Washington, DC. Right after his graduation, he found a job immediately under the United States Congressman, Bob Matsui. With his experience and knowledge in the field of politics, he can accurately predict the future, solving the present problems. He said that all of his prediction and advices are effective, as he understands and knows the past. The past is holding everything from the present and the future because it is just repeating itself. This is one of all the best things that only Neil Dhillon has, which is why he is one of the most popular political advisor.

Life Coaching Salary That You need To Know

Mary MorrisseyLife coaching is also called as personal coaching. It is a promising profession among other counselling specialties. It is quite similar to career coaching, but encompasses distinct areas of people’s lives beyond their careers. Life coaches, conversely, help multiple people to set objectives and plan steps to meet those goals during major personal transition such as divorce and job changes. They also offer advice and guidance for clients through phone conferences, in-person meetings and email exchanges. If you are thinking of becoming a professional coach, you opt to know how coaching is measuring up as a career, especially during this current economic crisis. Learn more from Mary Morrissey here.

According to studies, the annual life coaching salary is between $35,000 and $60,000. But, the salaries of life coaches vary depending on multiple factors like the number of clients they have and the rate they charge. Experts claim that full time and part time life coaches have varying salary range. The former can earn $85,000 a year while the latter can earn at least $26,000 annually. But, the highest paid life coaching salary is more than $100,000 every year. How about the self-employed life coaches? Some of them earn from $125 to $1500 in every session.

Mary Morrissey

Do you have an online coaching service? If yes, the exact amount you will charge will depend on your coaching type, experience and reputation. It means that if you have a wide knowledge in the field, you don’t need to worry about your actual earnings. You can earn as high as you want. Like other coaches, you don’t just charge for the session, but also for the consultation, follow-up, preparation and the time that it takes to recognize your client. Most life coaches say that one-on-one sessions cost more than group coaching or sessions.

Since life coaching salary depends on how effective and great coaches are, you can immediately recognize if your desired coaches are ideal or not. In case you are looking for the best life coaches, you don’t have to worry about. You can find them through online or through visiting one place to another. Instead of worrying on where to depend on, don’t forget to contact Mary Morrissey. This life coach earned Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology. She also earned Doctorate Degree in Humane Letters. She is also a professional author. She published several books like “No Less than Greatness” and “Building Your Fields of Dreams”. Great achievements of Mary Morrissey made her as one of the best life coaches one. In fact, more and more people opt to witness how she works.

Thor Halvorssen Mendoza as an Advocate

Thor Halvorssen MendozaAs an advocate on protection to human rights, Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is doing his best to assure that every Venezuelan would be able to get the needed protection for them. The imprisonment of his father forced him to decide for the welfare not only for his family but also for the whole nation. This paved way for him to have an urge to stand for his rights and for the rights of his father. People are on his side that is why he became even more dedicated to continue seeking for democracy.

After the long run, he is now supported by different organization from different countries of the world who also want to achieve not only democracy but also human right protection. We cannot deny the fact that the human rights abuse is rampant in the society. Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is helping those organizations to lessen the human rights violation. For him, the society needs good leaders that would make the people do good things to others. This would make them feel safe and secure every time they would deal with each other.

Thor Halvorssen Mendoza

Thor Halvorssen Mendoza can do different things that would surely make every Venezuelan become proud of him. Knowing that there is a man like him would make every people hope that they would be able to become free and become respected in the society. Most of his critics are doing things against him but he remained unaffected by those issues because he is only doing the right thing for the people in the society. The awards and achievement that he received in his entire life are proof that he is indeed a good person with a good heart. He is willing to take risks in life just for the betterment of the society where he belongs. His contributions were done in good ways and it would remain in the heart of those people whom he helped a lot.

After the long run, he is able to conquer all the challenges making him even more professional in his career. He is inspired by his parents to do what he think is right without compromising other people. Thor Halvorssen Mendoza changed the perspective of many people when it comes to the protection of human rights. For him, everybody deserves to be protected against different forms of abuses in the society. Through this, they would live a life without worrying any harm that they may have because there is someone like Thor Mendoza Halvorssen that would help them.

Yeon-Mi Park and Her Story

Yeon-Mi Park

When Yeon-Mi Park, a North Korean defector, made her debut on the stage in October 2014 with harrowing tales of the life under the repressive regime of North Korea and her family’s escape for freedom, she left activists, audiences, and some journalists in tears.

Wearing the traditional Korean dress with its high waist and voluminous skirt, Yeon-Mi Park stood in front of tons of people at One Young World 2014 Summit that was held in Dublin. While stating her story, there were long pauses, holding her hand to her mouth, wiping tears as she told of seeing executions, of starving, of being brainwashed, and of how Titanic, a Hollywood blockbuster, opened her eyes to the reality. Yeon-Mi Park realize made her think that there’s still a chance for change and love is still possible.

Like several refugees, she and her family have experienced the worst. Seeing her mother being raped in front of her and burying her father without a funeral are just some of what she went through. She also threatened to kill herself instead of allowing Mongolian soldiers to send her back to North Korea. Her speech ended with how she desired the world to be aware of what others of North Korea are showing and experiencing her gratitude to those who listened her story and the care they have provided her and the rest of those who tried escaping from North Korea.

Even if there were inconsistencies in her story, a lot of people still believe that what Yeon-Mi Park told everyone during the summit was real. As a matter of fact, almost all North Koreans who have escaped from their country have also different stories to tell. Nevertheless, what makes Yeon-Mi Park unique is that she is brave enough to tell everybody in the world that people in North Korea require help. Now, Yeon-Mi Park is a celebrity. She is a host on a television show called “Now On My Way To Meet You” that focus on the Kim Dynasty.

Yeon-Mi ParkWhen her beliefs matter, Yeon-Mi Park believes that there are both positive and negative for North Korea that should be reunified with South Korea. Park also have doubts that there could be a chance of reunifying the Korean Peninsula because they don’t desire for it. South Koreans discriminate the defectors as the illegal immigrants to their country. She also believes that there are southerners nor northerners in the peninsula of Korea. Yeon-Mi Park also presumes that there is a possibility that a chance for reunification is possible if North Korea will get rid of Soviet Union.

Yeon-Mi Park also believes that change could happen in North Korea if she and along with North Korean defectors would continue advocating for human rights in North Korea. She also presumed that if the regime will adjust, it will let the leader of North Korea to concentrate on their people and be open to the world. However, if Jangmadang will remain active, many North Koreans would expose themselves to the real world and would question the meaning of their lives.

Yeon-Mi Park and just like every North Korean consider Kim Jong-Un as a cruel leader to the North Korea’s people due to continuing abuse of his own people. She also stated that Kim Jong-Un is a criminal who kills over eighty people in one day just because of reading Bible or watching a film. Yeon-Mi Park also said that that Kim Jong-Un is a cruel young man who ordered to kill everyone who tries to escape. That is the reason why Yeon-Mi Park believes that he should be punished for toying his own people.